Before people educate themselves on everything about you, they're not allowed to open their venomous mouths and have an opinion about you.

NAME: Margaret Lux Ashe
NICKNAMES: Maisie to most, Lux to close friends.
GENDER: Female
AGE & DOB: 24, September 9th
SEXUALITY: Bisexual, Kinsey scale 4
PLACE IN COURT: Commoner, travels for work through all territories.
OCCUPATION: DJ | Tattoo Artist (Learning)

HEIGHT: 5'7"
BUILD: Slender, toned/athletic
EYE COLOR: Blue borderline silver.

FAMILY: Richard Ashe, father, deceased. | Angelica Ashe, mother, deceased.


001. Born to Richard and Angelica Ashe a upper class couple from Ireland; Margaret had a fairly typical childhood. At least for a commoner that is. Being the only child she was given nearly everything she wanted and needed for her life within the family's budget. Her father worked as a legal advisor for some of the UK's more elite families and her mother was a disowned highborn due to her decision to marry a low-born man for love instead of duty. A fact that was never disclosed with Maisie.

002. Always a tomboy by nature, Margaret soon demanded that she go by Maisie instead of her given name as she found it far too 'old womanish'. It didn't take long for her parents to notice that the young girl was far more comfortable in the company of boys rather than the girls obssessed with pretending to be princesses and ballerinas. By the age of 7, she had sworn off the girlish attire society was attempting to force her into and spent that time forward dressing strictly in boys clothing. Thankfully her parents were supportive of her decisions and never stated otherwise, even defending her when the conversation arose that their darling daughter was a bit off.

003. At 14 she was gifted a hand-me-down DJ kit from one of the family friends. A gift that she treasured and soon showed talent with by mixing and remaking any bit of music she could get her hands on into something of her own creation. Her fascination with music only grew from that point forward. And by 18 with the combination of her skills not only with technology and musical instruments, guitar and piano, but with her above average grades she earned a scholarship to the Manhattan School of Music in New York City. While the school didn't offer her much in terms of her dreams to become DJ, it did give her the structure she needed as well as the knowledge of music that would assist her in the future. During her second semester she received the horrible news that her parents had a fatal accident back home, resulting in both of their deaths.

♥004. Deveastated by her loss, Maisie dropped out of her classes to return home to deal with the aftermath. Richard and Angelica had been smart enough to have a plan in place for their daughter in the event of their untimely death and she inherited a decent amount of money. Enough that she was able to kickstart her own dreams without schooling and proper contacts. Which prompted her return to the Kingdom of America. After six months of free gigs at a local nightclub she finally earned a reputation for herself as an up and coming artist the music scene should keep an eye on. Nothing to the extent that she was famous but enough that she was well enough known and requested at numerous upscale nightclubs across the regions. Since then she bounces from gig to gig to make a living, never settling down in one place for too long but making friends where she does go.

♥005. Maisie has never been the type to hide who she is, what she enjoys and who she enjoys in her company. Lending her services many times gratis for numerous LGBT events and functions as well as openly speaking out against the hate or injustice for her fellow brothers and sisters.

TURN ONS: soft kisses, beautiful eyes, redheads, tattoos, multiple orgasms, sexual exhaustion, toys, marathon sex, and tons more.
TURN OFFS: bathroom play, blood, animals, children/underage, dub-con, non-con, bdsm of any form.

LIKES: music of any genre, animals, long walks in parks, dancing, and online gaming (PC and Xbox).
DISLIKES: small minded people, liars, cheaters, insects, and uppity attitudes.


PB:Ruby Rose
CONTACT: dropbox

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